Your Newborn’s Stomach Size

On day 1 of life, your baby doesn’t need much food. Its tiny tummy can only hold about 5-7ml or 1-1.4 teaspoons at a time. As babies get older, their need for larger volumes of milk will increase, and breastmilk supply will follow. All of this to say, DON’T STRESS about the seemingly measly drops of colostrum you produce on day 1. It’s all your baby needs!

During the first week, your little one changes a lot as they adjust to life outside your uterus. By day 7 your newborn’s tummy can now hold a whopping 1-2 oz (30-60mL) per feed, with their stomach being about the size of a small apricot. Baby’s small frequent feeds early in life are working hard to help establish breastmilk production. Thankfully, by this time most mom’s milk will be in, and they will be producing roughly 10-19 oz per day. Aren’t our bodies wonderful??

On average, babies eat 8-12 times in a 24 hour period

Your baby’s tummy is still doing some growing! By the 2-3 week mark they’ll be drinking 2-3 oz per feed, and your daily milk supply continues to grow with your baby. By now, you’ll be producing an average of 20-25 oz per day.

By 1 month old, your baby will be drinking the same amount of milk per day as they will need for the first 6 months! Yes, you read that right. 3-5 oz per feed, or 25-35 oz per day is what your baby needs between 1 month, and 6 months, when they’ll start eating solids. Their stomach at this point is the size of a large chicken egg.

All too often, new parents reach out to us asking how much their baby should be eating and are concerned that they don’t have the milk production to satiate them. Knowing the facts about what your little one really needs to eat can help end mom guilt, and help you feel confident in your body’s ability to provide what your baby needs for food. Our bodies are SO amazing. We need to give some of that trust back to our bodies and our babies and believe that they DO know what they’re doing.

Are you concerned about your milk supply? Reach out to your local Mama Coach for a feeding consultation.


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