Qualified Infant Feeding Support

without the judgment

We’re so glad you found us.

Are you struggling with feeding your baby – breastfeeding, pumping, bottles, formula, solids or a combination?

As Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Lactation Consultants we can help.

does this sound like you?

  • Your latch hurts and you feel like you’ve tried everything
  • Your baby is fussing at the breast or bobbing on and off
  • You are worried you don’t have enough milk and need a plan to build your supply
  • Your baby is always fussy, and you’ve been to multiple providers who have told you everything is “normal”
  • You want to transition to formula and have no idea where to start
  • You are returning to work and overwhelmed thinking about building a pumping schedule
  • Your baby refuses the bottle, and you are feeling stressed about it
  • You have no idea where to start with solids, or your baby is just not interested
  • You want to wean, but you’re not sure how

Tell us what challenges you are facing and we will provide education and support to help you reach your feeding goals.

we can help AT EVERY STAGE


Set yourself up for success with our educational feeding workshops. Learn how to hand express at the end of your pregnancy to store colostrum for your newborn.


Feeding a new baby can be stressful! We are here to make it easier. We offer virtual and in-home consultation options individualized to meet your needs.


This is such an exciting milestone! We will teach you how to introduce complementary foods safely.


Looking to start pumping? We will teach you how! We will also help you build a pumping plan to support your milk supply while at work.


Regardless of when or why you choose to wean, we will be there to support you through the process.


When I saw my Mama Coach I had already seen four different healthcare professionals and was still struggling.  She took the time to really assess the entire picture, figured out the issue, and is 100% of the reason I am still breastfeeding today.


frequently asked QUESTIONS

No! Every feeding journey is unique and we are here to support you. We are trained to help families with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, and formula feeding.

Yes, likely we can!  We will listen to your entire feeding journey story, as well as do a feeding assessment to help get to the bottom of your feeding challenge you are facing.

We know how stressful it can be to know something isn’t right but are unable to figure out what that is.  We would love to help.

Yes, we likely can!  We work with many babies regarding bottle refusal – it can take time for your baby to learn and accept the bottle regularly.  But often it can be done, and included is a comprehensive feeding plan so you can return to work without the stress.

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