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Potty Training

Potty training is a big deal for the entire family

There are a million opinions on potty training techniques and how it can be done.  With all those ideas out there – it can become confusing as to when you should start the process.  The truth is, there is no ideal window or magic potty training age. We have developed an assessment tool to help you determine readiness, knowing that each child will be ready at different times

As Registered Nurses, we have done extensive research to understand the key signs that your child is ready to learn to use the potty, and developed programming based on science.

Our program is for you if:

  • You think your child is ready, and are unsure where to start
  • You want to make the process as seamless as possible
  • You have been potty training for a while, and are having issues
potty training lessons
Check out our packages below to see which is the best fit for your family
We can’t wait to get started

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.  We would love to learn more about your family and share how we can help.

Potty Training Workshop
Overcoming Challenges with Potty Training Workshop
New to Potty Training: Assessment & Consultation
Overcoming Challenges with Potty Training: Assessment & Consultation



“My husband & I honestly thought our son was never going to poop on the potty. We are forever appreciative that you helped us find the root of the issue. He is going with no problems now, and we feel so relieved.”

Jenn C.

“Your potty training challenges workshop was such a light bulb moment for me. I never once thought about it from your perspective, making your suggested changes has been a game changer. Thank you!”

Miranda L.

“I felt so much pressure to potty train & I appreciated your assessment tool that helped me realize my son wasn’t quite there yet. We waited like you suggested, used your parent led plan & he learned in just under a week! YAHOO!.”

Korrie P.

“We had been at a mega standstill with potty training. The ultimate power struggle. Your child led method took the pressure off of him & us. We have seen so much improvement since then. We are almost there, & so, so grateful!”

Sheena O.
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