Learn life-saving CPR & Choking skills so you can respond to an emergency with confidence

Does the possibility of your child choking fill you with anxiety and worry?

we can help!

Whether you’re preparing to bring your newborn home, or you’re about to start solids, we believe every parent would benefit from learning CPR & Choking techniques.

The Mama Coach Nurses will teach you these life-saving skills, so you feel empowered to respond effectively in an emergency.

PRIVATE CLASS SESSIONS at your convenience

We understand barriers to learning these life-saving skills are often time, cost, and test anxiety.  That is why our private sessions are the perfect solution for you!

Our workshop takes a little over an hour, is hands-on, and will leave you feeling prepared and confident in your new skills (without a written test!).

Here are some topics your Mama Coach will cover during your session:

The Mama Coach

cpr & choking workshops


Your Mama Coach Nurse will teach you how to utilize choking relieving techniques on an infant, child and an adult, perform CPR, as well as use an AED.


During your private sesion, you'll have the opportunity for hands-on practice, so you can feel confident in your new skills.


You'll receive a comprehensive eBook that covers all of the course content, that you can reference at any time.

frequently asked QUESTIONS

Anytime, these are life-saving skills everyone should know!  Many parents choose to take our class so they can confidently manage an emergency with their infant.  Often parents include anyone who will also be caring for their child.  Some parents choose to do this during pregnancy, while others wait until around the time their baby is starting solids. 


Our popular CPR workshop is meant for caregivers who want to learn life-saving skills, but don’t require formal certification.  Some Mama Coach nurses are certified to provide formal CPR Certification based on their country’s regulatory requirements; however, this requires a longer course and a testing component. 

Our CPR private sessions cover choking response and CPR skills for infants (0-12 months), children (1 year – puberty), and adults.  The workshop also covers the use of an AED.