Do you love nursing but feel burnt out?


Our healthcare systems globally are stretched to the max, and the demands on nurses are higher than ever.  There is an expectation to provide exceptional care at the expense of your physical and mental health, as well as time with your family.

Maybe you have thought about leaving the profession, or are scrolling endlessly looking for work-from-home positions.

The Mama Coach is the opportunity you have been looking for!


Have you ever considered starting your own nursing practice?

Join the only group of global Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in private nursing practice established in 2015.

We currently have three options for starting your practice:




The Mama Coach brand is unique.  Work as much or as little as you like, all while supportive colleagues and mentors virtually surround you.

Many nurses have the dream of working for themselves and feel overwhelmed at where to begin.  This is where we can help.  The Mama Coach brand will take you from merely thinking about owning your own business, to running a successful practice in 9 weeks (after training).

And it doesn’t stop there – think of this as a long-term relationship.  As long as you are a Mama Coach, you will have the consistent support of colleagues and mentors around the globe.

is this for me?

What does private practice as a Mama Coach look like?

Registered Nurses

As an RN, your scope of practice is incredibly vast regarding providing education and support.

You are most likely aware of the gaps within our current healthcare system; patients are rushed through and aren’t receiving the education and support they need to become healthy and thrive.

Filling these gaps will become the focus of your practice.  At The Mama Coach, our vision is to provide a one-stop shop for women and families.

We will provide you with all the education and training you need to succeed.  All of our programs utilize assessment-centred nursing care and are based on science, empathy, non-judgment, and evidence-informed education. 

you will learn...


All about providing services for women, including how to:

  • Support women during perimenopause and menopause with our various programming options
  • Educate women using The Mama Coach Model™️ – something unique to our brand that we have developed based on over 500 research-based sources. We focus on 4 main pillars to find optimum health:  Nutrition, Movement, Wellness Factors (i.e. sleep, stress, etc.), and Integration (i.e. supplementation, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), etc.)
  • Actively listen to your clients
  • Facilitate workshops about menopause, perimenopause, and HRT
  • Provide you the tools to build unique online courses, and more!


All about providing services to growing families, including how to:

  • Facilitate pregnancy classes 
  • Support families with feeding – breast, bottle, pumping, formula, and starting solids
  • Support families with a newborn and during the postpartum period
  • Coach families to find sleep through our extensive sleep hygiene programs (these are assessment based;  this isn’t a run-of-the-mill sleep consultant course!)
  • Support families with potty training/toilet learning using our child or adult-led methods
  • Facilitate CPR & Choking workshops


Everything you need to grow your practice, including how to:

  • Build a strong referral network with health professionals in your area, and work with other like-minded businesses to grow your practice
  • Navigate and use your e-commerce website (built specifically for you), as well as your privacy compliant electronic medical record
  • Create a social media community that recognizes you as a nurse, expert, and professional
  • Manage your time efficiently to grow your practice, even with children and other nursing roles
  • Manage and organize your accounting and the back end of your business

Nurse Practitioners

You will receive all the education and training provided through our RN program, as well as access to a fully functional mobile and virtual clinic set up and built just for you.  You can tailor your services based on your specialty and also have the ability to create a primary care practice.

Training for NPs includes everything described above as well as:

  • Training on virtual assessment and care
  • How to support and treat clients according to best practice guidelines
  • Strategy and resources on how to build a mobile and/or virtual clinic based on your clinical experience and scope of practice
  • Guidance on setting up lab results, equipment sourcing, prescription capabilities, and referrals
  • And so much more!

Next Training: June 2024

TRAINING timeline

The Mama Coach provides and facilitates an extensive training program to ensure you feel prepared and confident working with clients once you launch.  We understand this is new for you, and so we provide guidance and support to help you through the entire process.


Before you begin, you will meet with your Mama Coach Business Logistics Coach who will help you build a timeline for starting your practice. No matter how busy you are, we want to help you find success. From there, you can work as quickly as you want through all of our online, detailed learning modules. Throughout the entire process, you have access to live, one-on-one support, to ensure all of your questions are answered. You will work through all of our business and programming modules. The programming modules will teach you about our programming and assessments per service -- once you have completed all of these modules, you will feel prepared and ready to start your nursing practice. .

We also work together to ensure your business is registered, you have the right insurance, as well as a business bank account. Your website (with its own URL for optimal SEO) and privacy-compliant electronic medical record (EMR) are built for you by HQ and are ready to go live as soon as training is complete.

LIVE Support & practice

We spend time together live and online learning from experts in the field as well as reviewing case studies to solidify your learning. We will dive deeper into how to utilize your assessment skills along with our Mama Coach programming, as well as gain an understanding of the tools we provide to build a successful nursing practice. Throughout the entire process you will have access to one-on-one support.


Once you have completed the training, you begin our mentorship program. You will work closely with one of our expert nurse mentors in the appropriate division as you work with your first 5 clients (don't worry, we have a strategy in place to help you find clients as well!). You are also provided daily support as you work to lay the foundation for your independent nursing practice. You will continue to learn programming and the business skills required to build a thriving practice based on your goals.


The Mama Coach is a long-term relationship! It doesn’t end after mentorship. We are colleagues who gather online:

  • Daily for support
  • Twice monthly for business coaching
  • Monthly for professional development
  • Annually conference opportunity (in-person and virtually)

We will review your application, and if we are looking for a nurse in your location, we will send you more information and reach out to book an interview with Carrie Bruno RN, IBCLC, MSCP and Founder of The Mama Coach. 

frequently asked QUESTIONS

You are buying into a well-established brand with over 160 RNs and NPs already working in private practice globally.  Remember you aren’t starting from scratch — we provide you with all of the tools you need to be successful.  We encourage you to find your unique voice and build your “brand within the brand”.   Here is everything that is included:

  • Permission to use the trademark in your country
  • Legal liability waivers built for your country
  • Your own website URL with an integrated booking and payment system – excellent for building SEO
  • A country-specific, privacy-compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) built for you prior to launch.  It is integrated into your website and automatically triggers when a client books one of your packages or classes
  • Business email with templates
  • We provide free resources (already made) to grow your email list — we show you how email marketing is one of the tools you can use to grow your business
  • Access to a branded media library per division ready to customize for your business
  • All copyrighted programming and materials forever more, including trademarked logos
  • All programming, assessment tools, and branded resource guides
  • Multiple branded workshops and accompanying branded eBooks
  • Support from a team!  You will have nursing colleagues all supporting one another’s practice from around the globe
  • Monthly professional development arranged and/or facilitated by headquarters
  • Twice a month group business coaching sessions

The next training is in June of 2024.

We are the only group of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners globally doing what we are doing.  First of all, you must be a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner to join our brand. It is important you are excited to work independently to build your practice in your community, as this is not direct employment.

Registered Nurses:  We all come from different nursing backgrounds and experience – what is most important are strong assessment skills.  We determine what education and support our clients need through our assessments.  We will teach you all of these assessments, however, strong nursing assessment skills are a foundational requirement.

Nurse Practitioners:  Same as above – experience providing virtual care is a preferred asset.

As a successful candidate, you will be sent a webinar sharing details about The Mama Coach (programming information, training, business tools, and cost) prior to your interview.  From there, you will meet Carrie online for a video conference call where she will ask questions, getting to know more about you and your nursing background, to determine if you are a good fit to use The Mama Coach brand for your nursing practice.  The call is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and to learn more about the brand and private practice nursing.  There is no obligation, nor will you feel pressured for anything.  Carrie is passionate about sharing what The Mama Coach is all about and meeting nurses who are equally excited to support families!

Ideally yes, if you can find some.  The more present you are at training, the more you will get out of it.

This is a common question, and the answer is 100% dependent on the efforts you put in.  If you put in the effort to let your community know you are ready to support them, you will have clients!  Many of our nurses are able to scale back at their current job within the first year of launching their Mama Coach practice.

Again, this ranges from coach to coach.  The Mama Coach is not a franchise, therefore, we do not require Coaches to disclose their financial information.  We can tell you there are Mama Coaches consistently seeing 4+ clients per week charging between $400-$650 per client.   Every coach has different goals (which we help you identify during training and mentorship).   Some coaches want to make an extra $1,000 per month for their family, and some want to replace their hospital nursing income!  As this is 100% your practice, how big you build your business is entirely up to you.

The time commitment will depend on your goals and how you would like to use your private practice.  In the beginning, you are learning new programming and how to run a business!  This will take some time and you will become more proficient as you progress.  You do not need to quit your current job to start a Mama Coach practice.  Most coaches work on their practices for around 15 hours per week in the beginning.

Yes – The Mama Coach HQ has worked with legal teams across the globe to ensure compliance.

No! You will be provided with all of the education and tools to provide all of our programming, but you can pick and choose. For example, some nurses choose to build their practice around infants and feeding, and do not provide toddler support. If you are a Nurse Practitioner, you can build your practice based on your specialty, as well as offer our educational programming if you wish.

The Mama Coach HQ does not set the prices for you – we set them together.  We will look at competition in your area and come up with competitive pricing.  Our model is to be the most qualified, yet not the most expensive. 

Yes, often they are – it is dependent on the insurance company and package.  We also accept HSA and FSAs for payment.  HQ is beginning the process of having all Mama Coaches credentialed for Insurance billing, with the intent to start billing for nurses by the end of 2023.

COVID has put a huge strain on healthcare systems globally.  We have seen so many services for families suspended or cancelled due to the inability to provide them or due to redirected budgets.  The Mama Coach as a whole has been so fortunate to see growth during Covid.  We have been working hard to fill the gaps and meet the needs of families created during the pandemic, and now the ongoing endemic. 

I think we can all agree it is a hard time to have a baby!   The potential of labouring alone, being sent home from the hospital early and without typical support systems has been challenging.  We were able to increase our virtual services to help support families during such a challenging time.  Now, more than ever, families are seeking education and support from qualified health professionals.

Yes, The Mama Coach HQ works with a third-party financing company that has helped many Mama Coaches become set up.  We also accept credit cards.

No!  The Mama Coach is a global group of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners – we are health professionals who share the same brand.  This is a license-based business, which means you are licensed to use the trademark, all copyrighted programming, business tools, branding, and are expected to act in accordance with The Mama Coach values, mission, and follow our policies and procedures.  We provide training, mentorship, and ongoing support to help you meet your goals.  There are no minimum sales for you to meet and no recruiting.  As a Mama Coach, you own and operate your own business, affiliated and supported by HQ.

Yes, this does happen from time to time.  When it hasn’t worked out, it is often a result of the nurse realizing she did not want to be her own boss and preferred an employee/employer relationship.  The Mama Coach is 100% yours and you have the autonomy to work as much or as little as you’d like.

You can choose to leave your practice at any time with 30 days’ notice.

If you are interested, click below to apply and we will be in touch.

From there, we will look over your application, and if we are looking for a nurse in your area we will send you a webinar to watch as well as a link to book an interview.  Don’t stress about our call together – it is informal and will give you a chance to learn all about what life would look like for you with a Mama Coach practice. 

We look forward to getting to know you better!

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