Sarah Hosseini – RN, BSN

Service Area

Hi there future mamas! My name is Sarah, I am a registered nurse with eight years of experience. I had specialized mainly in oncology, hematology, and research, until deciding to become a mama coach! I originally grew up in Massachusetts, but have lived all over the country, as well as internationally until I had my baby girl. I currently live in Hawaii with my family. I am a single parent to a beautiful baby girl, and am here to support other moms and families to the best of my ability. I decided to become a mama coach after a very long and arduous pregnancy and postpartum journey. I felt it was hard to find the support I needed in my community at the time, the classes at my local hospitals were always full, or due to the pandemic getting cancelled. I decided I wanted to be a resource to other women and families, and to be able to provide that support within the community. I’m so excited to join you in your prenatal and antenatal journey, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to help provide education and support for healthier moms and healthier babies.