Marisa Olsen – D-NP, FNP-C

Service Area
Long Island & NY & Jacksonville & FL

My name is Marisa OIsen and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner for almost 10 years and an RN for almost 20 years! I am originally from NY and just moved down to sunny Florida with my family. I have three beautiful children, daughter, 13y, son, 11y, and daughter 8y. My nursing career began in the Pediatric ICU for many years. I did labor and delivery/women’s health briefly while going back for my master’s and then went back to the PICU as an RN. I graduated as an FNP and started out in a family practice for over a year until I went back to the PICU for a new NP run step down ICU. My favorite thing to do as an NP and an RN is to educate and guide parents along the way. I love teaching and I consider myself a lifelong learner. I recently went back to school for my doctorate in nursing. I fell in love with what the Mama Coach has to offer and it is exactly what I love to do and I am great at! Parents can appreciate all I have to offer and children love my funny quirks!

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