Johanna Fables – RN

Service Area

Whatever your age or gender there’s a mama in all of us. And whether you’ve been planning your family for ages or have started one unexpectedly, whether you’re partnered or going solo, being a mama can be one of the most challenging and creative pursuits of your life. With over 15 years of nursing experience advocating for infants, children and adults, I have become deeply passionate about joining creative forces with families to nurture the ever evolving mama-baby dyad. While supporting families in areas that include prenatal education, newborn feeding, and sleep, my goal is to help make the transition into and through parenthood easier, more sustainable and simply more enjoyable. I enjoy supporting my community with a compassionate, evidence-based, and trauma informed approach. I am a Single Mother by Choice (SMBC) and the very proud mother to identical twin boys, 28 week-ers, and TTTS survivors.