Jamie Sustakoski – NP

Service Area
Virginia Beach & Chesapeake & Norfolk

Hi! I’m Jamie. I’m a wife and mama of two, a son and a daughter, currently living in Chesapeake, Virginia. I have been a family nurse practitioner since 2012 and an RN since 2007, starting my nursing career in labor and delivery which will always hold a special place in my heart. I have experience in family practice, urgent care, emergency medicine and gynecology oncology but my main passion has and continues to be women’s health and prenatal care. Something I have found to be true in my experience as a mom and an NP is the lack of time spent on education during and after pregnancy. Patients are left with many questions due to the time constraints of the provider in a traditional doctor’s office. The Mama Coach is where I hope to bridge this gap in knowledge, by offering private and group prenatal classes, feeding workshops for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping moms, as well as a personalized total support package that will help families care for themselves and their babies through the challenges of pregnancy and postpartum. Every situation is unique and deserves full support. I am here to help!