Ashly Stukaloff – RN, BSN

Service Area
Kansas City

As a registered nurse with experience working in pediatrics and multiple birthing centers, I’ve been able to work with the most amazing parents, children, and infants. During my time working in the hospital, I was constantly inspired and in awe of the resiliency of parents and their children as they navigated the new stage of postpartum life together as a family. I soon made the connection that once mothers are discharged from the hospital, there is a large gap in care for women as they make their transition into motherhood at home. The more I worked as a nurse in birthing centers, the more I wanted to support this special transition in life- the transition of bringing a new baby home. As a Mama Coach, my hope is to support, educate, and empower parents to feel that they have all the tools they need to care for themselves and their little ones with confidence!