Your Ultimate Baby Proofing Guide

Hands down one of our biggest concerns as parents is our child’s safety. Our job as moms and dads is to keep our baby safe and I know you want to do all you can. This is why I think completing your baby proofing in 2 phases is a fantastic idea!

Phase 1 starts before your baby even comes. Take this opportunity to do a whole home emergency and safety check in. Plus it gives you a jump start on tasks that may take a while to complete!

A few months before your due date, follow this list of pre-baby home emergency and safety checks:

  • Check and test batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check flashlights and batteries
  • Clean or replace filters on all heating and air, return vents, and air purifiers
  • Keep water temperature below 120F/40C
  • Easily accessible fire extinguisher and know how to use it
  • Battery-operated radio for news in an emergency
  • Have a fire escape plan
  • Disaster kit that includes food, water, clothes, and medications for all family members and pets
  • Swap out toxic chemical cleaners for more natural options
  • Check for tripping/slipping hazards like loose rugs or flooring
  • Secure furniture and TVs to wall

As your baby approaches 6 months of age you will want to get started on phase 2 of your baby proofing. Your sweet babe will soon be on the move and it is going to be extremely important to address all the potential dangers in your home. Follow our complete Mama Coach Baby Proofing Checklist below to make sure your home is in tip top shape for your little one.

Download The Mama Coach’s Baby Proofing Checklist

Pro Tip: Have you and your partner get down on all fours (make this a fun game with your baby)! Crawl around the house at your baby’s eye level. This is going to give you great insight into what potential hazards your particular home might have and help you keep your baby even safer.

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