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Today I want to chat about mastitis.

There are two main reasons mamas struggle with mastitis.

✅ Nipple trauma. This happens more in the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. If your latch is sore and your nipples are cracked, this is a portal of infection. We need to resolve your latch, and usually rest your nipples for 24 hours with nipple cream and pumping.

✅Milk stasis. This means your milk is sitting in your breasts longer than usual. Maybe your baby is sleeping longer stretches in which you likely need to add a pumping session in before bed, or maybe you are timing feeds or switching him to the other breast prematurely. Think about your breasts as dinner and dessert. We want babe to nurse the bulk of his feed off the first breast. Watch for big sucks and swallows, use breast compression and encourage a big, long feed off the first breast. Then burp, and offer the other side (dessert). Then you will switch the next feed!

If you need help we can come to you virtually and help you figure this out. Check out my link in bio for our virtual feeding sessions!
Sending lots of love and support your way❤️

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