When Do You Start Producing Milk in Pregnancy?

From the moment you conceive your body begins preparing you for becoming a mother. You will begin producing breastmilk early in pregnancy and some mothers begin leaking in their second and third trimesters. This initial fluid is called colostrum; nurses lovingly refer to it as liquid gold.

Colostrum is rich, golden in color, and very thick. You’ll only produce approximately a tablespoon of colostrum a day. It’s high in sugar, protein, and immunity for your newborn; not to mention all of its other components. Colostrum is very easy for your baby to digest. Just drops of it can keep your little one’s blood sugar normal and can prepare their digestive system for life on the outside. Your immunity is transferred to your baby through your breastmilk. Since colostrum is so important for your little one you may want to consider antenatal hand expression; expressing breast milk prior to delivering your baby.

There are several reasons to consider antenatal hand expression during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Firstly, it’s great practice for getting comfortable with expressing milk for your little one. Secondly, you can keep the milk you get in a clean container and freeze it in case you need it. Occasionally newborns have low blood sugar. If you have colostrum that you can give to them, you may be able to avoid giving them formula for a low blood sugar. Lastly, you can increase your supply by expressing milk before your baby is born. This will mean that as you and your baby practice the skill of breastfeeding your mature milk with develop sooner.

Becoming a mom for the first time or the fourth time can feel overwhelming. If you need help, contact a local Mama Coach in your area.

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