Ways to Stay Cool While Pregnant During the Summer

First off, let me say this: I am right there with you mama! It is summer, and some days I am just a hot sweaty mess! From swollen feet to night sweats, being pregnant in the summer is no joke!

During pregnancy a lot of women will feel a bit warmer than their norm. This is because of several body changes that are occurring, which can slightly raise your body temperature (think hormonal changes, increased blood volume, increased rate of metabolism). However, it’s important for mamas to avoid overheating and dehydration during pregnancy as it can make you feel unwell and can potentially affect your baby. 

So here are our top ways to stay cool while pregnant this summer:




General fluid needs increase during pregnancy so it’s important to stay well hydrated. The current recommendation for water intake is drinking 8–10 glasses of water each day. 

Hot, humid weather increases the amount you sweat and the amount of fluid you lose. So it’s important to ensure you are drinking enough to help lower your body temperature and to replace what you lose through sweating. Staying hydrated not only helps keep your body cool but helps fight constipation and water retention!

So drink up mama, even if it’s just a summer mocktail or plain old water, you and your babe will need it!




We all know that time doesn’t stay still while pregnant. Things still need to be done: gardening, errands, exercise. So if you can time your tasks to be done when the temperature is a bit cooler, it may be much more tolerable for you and baby!

Doing outdoor tasks in the morning or evening when the sun is lower and temperatures are cooler will help! If exercising, try exercising inside in an air-conditioned space. Wear lightweight clothing and cut your workout short if you’re feeling too warm.




Maternity wardrobes are so important, especially in the summer months. Summer pregnancies bring more options too! You want to look good mama, but it’s also important that you choose clothing that is loose and breathable (i.e. cotton). 

Even the material of your pillow and pillowcase can help cool you down at night especially – Try to use a pillow made of feather or down rather than synthetic materials and make sure your pillow case is also cotton!




There are some super fun wide-brimmed floppy hats out there so consider adding one to your wardrobe! Not only will it help keep the hot sun out of your eyes and face, but it can help you feel cooler since that strong sun won’t be able to heat the top of your head and hair up as much! Plus you will look super cute all the while staying cool!




If you’re out at the beach or by the pool, use a sun umbrella to offer you some shade, a break from the sun, and protection from those harmful UV Rays. A sunburn will elevate your internal temperature. So make sure you are using a pregnancy safe sunscreen and reapplying regularly! 




If you have access to a pool or a beach, take a dip! Swimming not only offers you a chance to cool down, but the water will help make you feel a little “lighter” and offer you a chance to do some gentle exercise!

If you can’t get to taking a swim, even a shower or a bath can help you feel some relief from the heat! Opt for water temperature that’s lukewarm versus cold, since exposure to extreme cold can constrict your blood vessels and actual cause heat retention.

Having a cool wet towel wrapped around your neck loosely can also help cool you down! This also works wonders during labour too by the way!




Water-rich fruits and vegetables can do wonders at helping you keep cool. Try things like melons, berries, cucumbers and oranges straight out of the fridge! Get creative and try popsicles made with fresh juices. And of course, classic ice cream is not only delicious but can be a refreshing treat as well!

Being pregnant in the summer should be enjoyable! And being outdoors in the fresh air is so good for the soul! So be sure to stay well hydrated and protected from the sun. Always listen to your body, and if you are feeling a bit warm, ensure you take measures to cool down! Consult with your health care provider if you feel your body temperature is up due to a fever or illness. If you would like to learn more about your pregnancy and your “bun in the oven”, feel free to contact your local Mama Coach! We would love support you on your motherhood journey!

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