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Ways to Practice Rolling With Your Baby!

Rolling is a baby’s first taste of locomotion.. and it can feel scary!

This can cause a sleep regression.

We see this often when we work on sleep with families. Often before, babies have been put into their cribs fast asleep. When we are teaching sleep, we start to put babies into their cribs awake. This gives them time to explore and often within a few days, they start to roll. As baby’s move through a developmental leap, they naturally spend more time in light sleep and wake up frequently to practice. This can feel frustrating for families, as it feels like their baby has forgotten all those beautiful new sleep skills.

The fix? Two things:
✅Always place your baby on her back for sleep. When she starts to roll, that’s okay. If it is startling for your baby and they are upset, go in using timed intervals and flip her back, offering reassurance.
✅PRACTICE in the day! We talk a lot about this and today this video shows you how. Get down on the floor and do a lot of tummy time. Sing to your baby while you gently rock her side to side. This will help her find her way over to her back. Second, every time you lay your baby down, support her neck and bum and put her down bum first, then onto one side. Alternate sides and this will help her build trunk strength.

I want to know.. who has moved through this already, or who is worried about it?

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