Ways to LOVE Being Pregnant in the Summertime

Being pregnant in the hot summer heat can be hard. I get it! Both my kiddos were born in August. That’s right… much of the later part of my pregnancy was spent in the hot summer sun. I remember the day before my daughter was born, the temperatures had hit 103 degrees. Despite the heat, there is much to love about being pregnant in the summer season. Below you will find Ways to LOVE Being Pregnant in the Summertime

When having a little baby on board during the summer time, you get the joys of rocking very little clothing. I suggest dresses. There is no worry of waist bands digging in, and you can get that nice cool breeze you may need to stay dry. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about bulky sweaters or winter/rain boots.  Let those feet be free. I don’t know about you, but I hated shoes during pregnancy. Any chance I could be barefoot or throw on some sandals, I would. You don’t have to worry about zipping winter boots, or having the ever so difficult fight of putting on shoes when it feels like your belly is only getting bigger. 

Summer season also lends to another wonderful thing, the summer harvest of fruits and vegetables. Eating foods that are fibrous, iron-rich, calcium filled and high in vitamin C & D are super helpful in pregnancy. So when pregnant in summertime you get to enjoy the best of the best of summer’s bounty. Strawberries, blackberries, peaches, cherries, watermelon, eggplant, greens, and tomatoes, really the list could go on.  Enjoy it all. Top your ice cream with it, I know you are eating it, I did too. There is also an unlimited supply of vitamin D. This powerhouse vitamin is important for both you and the baby, and those long, sunny summer days help you get your daily dose.

Another way to love being pregnant in summer and get all your vitamin D, enjoy the great outdoors. If it is a hot summer day, take a walk in the early morning or late evening when the sun is down and the air is cooler. Find yourself a place to cool off. Swim in a pool, lake or body of water. If none are near you, buy a kiddie pool, you won’t regret it. This is a great way to stay cool and just provide relaxation. When I was pregnant in the summertime, I would spend my late evening, soaking my feet in the pool while eating ice cream. It was the best and it keeps you from being house bound as some may feel when pregnant in the winter months. 

Being pregnant in the summertime also leads to many fun activities and family time. If you have an older child that is in school, you may feel challenged by how to keep them active in the summer months, all while being pregnant. The best part, all the fun summer activities. Check out the latest farmer’s market. Explore a new place on a family road trip. Take a weekend away for a babymoon. You won’t have to search very hard for babymoon vacation locations, as in summer most locations will have prime weather. 

If all the above reasons have not convinced you that being pregnant in summer could be love, then let me indulge you with just one more. Depending on when you are due, your maternity leave should fall just in time for cooler weather and winter festivities. Which is the perfect time for having a brand new baby. Your new snuggle, warm cuddle buddy will arrive just in time to keep you company for the cool fall days and winter nights. Having that sweet baby in your arms as the days turn cooler and shorter, is an amazing reward for being pregnant in the summer season. 

I hope that you can look past feeling hot and sweaty, and realize that there are many reasons and ways to love being pregnant during summer time. So, don’t let being pregnant in summer get you down, take your summer bump, stay cool, drink a yummy mocktail and remember these reasons why a summer pregnancy is actually pretty great. 

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