Ways to Fight Morning Sickness

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! The first trimester of pregnancy is so exciting as your body starts the amazing process of growing a tiny human. It also comes with some challenges – the most common being Morning Sickness. First of all, let’s just clear up the whole misconception about morning sickness: it’s not always just a morning thing. A lot of first trimester mamas have nausea and vomiting at all hours of the day. Which can be hard to deal with when you’re working or taking care of older kids. There are many ways to prevent morning sickness (check out this article by Mama Coach Robin for some great tips) but what if you’re in the middle of a phone meeting or dropping your older kid off at the bus, and a wave of nausea hits?

As a mom who dealt with nausea and vomiting during both of my pregnancies, I have some experience in coming up with ways to fight it off. I’ve also asked a few of my mom friends to share what worked best for them in the moment, and we ranked them from least to most effective.

So, without further ado, here are my  Top 10 Ways to Fight Morning Sickness:

10. Sip iced water. Staying hydrated is super important during pregnancy, and the cold water will sometimes help to settle your stomach.
9. Just let it out. This isn’t ideal if you’re at work or out in public, but for some Mamas throwing up is what makes the nausea go away. At least for a little while.
8. Sea Bands. These little wrist bands have acupressure points that prevent nausea and vomiting. These are also great for people who get motion sickness. I wore these throughout my first pregnancy, but found they didn’t do much during my second. The downside is that most people know what they are, so it’s a bit hard to explain if you’re not ready to tell people about your pregnancy just yet.
7. Sour candies to suck on. A lot of my mom friends agree that this was a helpful way to stave off vomiting, especially while at work or on the train during a commute. Personally, I found that while it did help with the nausea, it gave me bad heartburn. So proceed with caution!
6. Drink an herbal tea. Ginger, lemon or peppermint teas are all quite effective at helping fight morning sickness. Rooibos tea is nice too if you’re looking for something a bit milder. I would recommend avoiding caffeinated tea though, as that can cause an upset stomach and you want to limit your caffeine intake during pregnancy.

5. Preggie pops or freezies. These are the special lollipops and freezies that are marketed to pregnant moms, and often contain ginger to help settle your tummy. Some moms swear by them, and some don’t love the taste or notice any difference in their nausea.
4. Take a nap. Ok, I know. This isn’t exactly feasible when you’re at a playdate with your 3 year old, but it’s still pretty useful if you can manage it. I always found that the more tired I was, the worse my nausea got. Having a quick nap, or just lying down for a few minutes, would often help me feel a lot better.
3. Crushed ice or regular freezies. This is a pretty common way to fight first trimester nausea, probably because it works fairly well. Having something cold in your mouth seems to calm your stomach, and eating the ice helps to keep you hydrated!
2. Nibble on crackers or other plain foods. The most common trigger for morning sickness is an empty stomach. It’s important to eat frequent, small meals throughout the day while pregnant. Sometimes this just isn’t an option. Keep a small bag of crackers handy to nibble on when you start to feel a bit hungry or nauseated, and it’ll do wonders!
1. Ginger supplements. This was the top recommendation by me, and the Mamas I surveyed. All of us used the Gravol Ginger brand, which is an over-the-counter ginger supplement. It has no other medical ingredients, and is a small capsule that you can take multiple times per day (always read the label before taking any vitamins or supplements). It’s fast acting and easy to swallow, and it really did make a difference.

And there you have it, Mama. Our Top 10 Ways to Fight Morning Sickness. I hope that if you are suffering from nausea, some of these tricks help make your life a little bit easier!

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