Top 10 Movies to Watch During Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy we experience a vast variety of emotions, peaking at different times throughout each trimester. Estrogen and progesterone fluctuate in our bloodstream and are responsible for those mood swings. Sometimes we need a good movie to help get our emotions out – like a good cry! There are so many great movies to watch with your partner and maybe help prepare you for parenthood! Have you watched any good pregnancy movies so far in your pregnancy Mama?

Here are so of my favourites and some I had completely forgotten about! With COVID-19 and social distancing now is good time to binge-watch some movies in the evenings or when you are up at night with dreaded insomnia!

Must Watch Pregnancy Movies

  1. What to Expecting When Your Expecting – featuring Cameron Diaz. One of my favs!
  2. Everyone Loves Babies – follows 4 families around the world around during the first year 
  3. Knocked Up – featuring Katharine Heigl and Seth Rogan about a one-night stand
  4. Baby Mama – featuring Tina Fey and Amy Pohler, need I say more this one is great for a good laugh!
  5. Away We Go – a cross country journey with expecting parents Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski. 
  6. The business of Being Born
  7. Waitress – this movie was made into a Broadway play featuring Keri Russell
  8. Looks Who’s Talking – funny 80’s movie with Kristie Alley & John Travolta
  9. Life As We Know It – When godparents take on the role of parents. 
  10.  Bridget Jones’s Baby – Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth are both potential baby daddies. 

The list could go on longer because there are so many good pregnancy movies but this gives you a good list to start off with! Enjoy and I’d love to know which one was your favourite.

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