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Tips on How to Make More Time for Self-Care as a Parent

Trying to juggle multiple tasks can be challenging. Work, parenting, your relationships, your family’s health, the household…the list goes on. You likely have a million thoughts and “to-dos” rolling through your mind each day. This can feel hard to navigate, and some may tell you to manage by ensuring you make time for self-care. But the reality is, all the bubble baths in the world won’t cross the things off your mental checklist. 

It feels heavy, and I hear you. You deserve grace. A lot of it. Life looks different right now and that feels hard. Lean in to how you are feeling and be kind to yourself. You can’t “fix” all the thoughts rolling through your head, nor can you control them all. However, you can control how you are feeling about yourself. You are exactly what your family needs and are doing better than you think. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Meeting your needs will give you the strength to care for everyone else. If you feel good, your babies will feel it too. 

How can you deal with the mental load of parenting? Here are some tips: 

  1. If your baby is enrolled in daycare and you have a day off, it is okay to still send them. Take that day doing things for yourself. Don’t scrub your floors or organize the pantry. Nap, have a long shower, read, go for a walk. This time to rejuvenate is important, and you will feel great by the time you pick up your baby.
  2. If everyone is feeling tired, consider putting your children to bed half an hour early. They will get the rest they need, and you will have the evening to yourself. Have a bath, call a friend, sneak in a workout or watch a show! Time in the evenings for yourself feels so good and will recharge your batteries for the next day.
  3. Simplify things for yourself. Your baby will not know or care if they are having a three-course dinner or a crock pot meal. Don’t overschedule yourself or your family. Choosing simplicity in as many areas as you can give you more mental clarity and time for yourself. This one can be a challenge, as our social feeds are full of highlight reels of beautiful dinners, birthdays, home décor, the list goes on. But time and clarity are key. The time you save yourself can be spent on you, which ultimately serves your entire family. It isn’t selfish, it is important! 

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