Tips on How to Keep Your Kids in a Routine with Friends & Family Visiting

It has only been a few months now since my husband and I made a big move from Manitoba to B.C.  In the few months that we’ve been here, we’ve had lots of visitors… because who wouldn’t want to visit us here?  We have moved to a popular vacation spot, especially during the summer months, but the winter is pretty desirable as well with all the nearby ski resorts.  We are so grateful to have friends & family wanting to come see us and spend time here, but with two children under two, it can be challenging at times.  We look forward to seeing each and every one of our guests, and this makes it easy to get caught up in all the excitement of visiting and touring around with them.  All of this makes it really easy to lose track of time!  With consistency being so important for kids’ routines, we have leared to plan our days with our children in mind.


Tip 1: Meal Plan

We try to make what we can ahead of time and than freeze it.  The meals that we prefer not be frozen or can’t be, we get as ready as possible.  We’ve found that even if every meal isn’t completely prepared, it is our menu that is the important part.  It takes time to meal plan!  If we know what is on the menu for that night, it makes for less stress come mid-afternoon.  This has allowed us to spend time with our friends and family and also have dinners ready for when our kids are used to eating.


Tip 2: Keep Nap Time Consistent

Informing friends and family of our kid’s nap times is helpful.  This way they will have a sense of what to expect when they arrive.  This also helps to plan activities that out-of-town guests might want to do.  Our mornings and late afternoons are wide open to see the sights now that our oldest is having only one nap per day, just after lunch.  Nap time is important for babies and toddlers, and gets them ready for an afternoon full of fun with friends and family.

Tip 3: Involving guests where we can

In our situation, a large amount of our guests fly half way across the country to see our family.  In most cases, they want to be involved and help out in our daily routines with our kids.  This doesn’t mean letting guests put your kids to bed if they are used to a parent, but if they can help out with nap time or bath time they would probably love it!  All of this depends on who the guests are, and your comfort level with them of course.

Keeping kids on a routine is a hard job!!  My advice would be to get as prepared as you can before your company arrives, so you can get outside and enjoy the Okanagan with your guests.  Nap time is important, and it should be treated as such.  Or not depending on company, because an overtired toddler is also the best way to get unwanted company to book an early flight home.

Sleep coaching is a BIG part of what we offer.  If you have any questions or you would like to inquire, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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