Tips For a Successful Feeding Experience

Give yourself grace. You and your baby are learning a brand-new skill! It will feel like a rollercoaster. Some feeds will be awesome, and you’ll think, “I got this”, and the next one will hurt, or the baby won’t latch, and you will be full of self-doubt. If you are struggling, reach out for help early, navigating this alone can be overwhelming. Remember that you are exactly what your baby needs, and you are doing better than you think.  

Every family is different, as is every feeding journey, and as a society we must acknowledge and normalize that for some families, breastfeeding is not an option, whether by choice or by circumstance. Families deserve to feel confident and empowered about their decision on how they choose to feed their babies, whether it is breast milk, or alternative nutrition sources. How someone chooses to feed their baby does not define how good of a parent someone is.  

Parenthood is personal. How you choose to feed your baby is personal. If you are being shamed for any choice you make for your family, look at your little one! They are thriving, and loved and you are doing what is best for your entire family unit, however that looks. You are exactly what your baby needs. 

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