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This Could be The Reason Why Your Baby is Fussy

We talk a lot about milk supply here at The Mama Coach.

How to build supply, how do you know if your baby is getting enough..

But did you know that if you have an abundance of breast milk.. it could also be making your baby fussy?
Oversupply can cause babies to be so cranky, typically they feed fast, can choke or sputter at the breast, want to feed VERY frequently, are hard to burp, are stuff and often are gaining weight quickly. Sometimes this gets mistaken for colic or for reflux.

If this sounds like you I would encourage you to reach out. We can help soothe your baby by working with your supply.
Who here has struggled with this or is in the thick of it with a fussy babe?

Sending so much love and support your way, mamas❤️

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