Things to do Before Your Due Date

What should I do before before my due date? That is a loaded question and very much individualized but I will share the top 4 Mama Coach opinions on what to do.

1. Research and education: Researching things that you will need and want to know about pregnancy, postpartum, your newborn, your significant other. Taking a prenatal class can prepare you for what to expect and educate you on things to be aware of, we offer a fantastic one. Take a breastfeeding class to set yourself up for success, we offer a great one!!

This is such an important step because there is so much misinformation out there. You can google just about anything and find contradictions one after the next. When you are researching, use reliable sources like the CDC, WHO, the American Pediatrics Association, or a local healthcare professional.

2. Prepare: there are obvious things to do such as setting up the nursery and that is usually a highlight exciting time for parents!! Because who doesn’t love decorating a nursery?! But there is more than just putting a room together. Preparing for feeding: breastfeeding supplies, bottles, getting your pump, washing everything. Preparing for the medical side: nail clippers, medicine just in case (having to leave or take your baby to the store when they are not feeling well is awful), thermometer. Preparing for everyday tasks: think about where you are putting things and remember to put things that go together close by ex: diaper changing area (diapers, wipes, cream, trash). Meal planning and stocking up on quick freezer meals like freezer crockpot meals is a huge help, Pinterest has a ton of ideas.

3. Have fun with it. Go on a date night, a babymoon, staycation, family vacation. Enjoy being a couple, a family of 3,4,5,6…before you add 1 more. Take maternity pictures, even selfies in a bathroom mirror to remember your baby bump. Celebrate your pregnancy and the life that you created!!

4. Self care. Say it louder for the people in the back: SELF CARE!! Mama, don’t forget to take 5 minutes a day for yourself. Take the extra 5 minutes in the shower, get outside for a walk, get that haircut you have been wanting, that prenatal massage, a facial, pedicure. Take a day to yourself or 5 minutes, whatever you have a do some self care.

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