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The Three Day Potty Training Method: Does it Work?

How incredible is it that time has flown by and you’re considering the next big milestone in their life?! And how appealing is the thought of “no more diapers”? Congratulations! We are so excited for you!

The internet can be a wealth of information, but sometimes it becomes “information overload”. As parents, we want the best for our babies—from sleep to starting solids, allergy navigation, etc.—toilet learning is no different. Ideally, it would be nice to find the fastest and most easy solution. Through your research into toilet learning, I bet you came across some information about “the three day potty training method”. How appealing does the thought of having your little one out of diapers completely within three days sound?! I know I was definitely intrigued. This option can work really well for some families, but can be a total flop for others. Let’s talk about why.

When we start to consider this next milestone, whichever method your family choses, ensuring your little one is truly ready is very important. There are nine signs of readiness when it comes to toilet learning. These nine signs were developed and created through the collaboration of leading experts, current research and best practice standards. It’s when your little one is not quite ready that you can encounter roadblocks, such as increased accidents, resistance and regressions. Making the effort to meet all nine readiness signs prior to implementing any kind of toilet learning plan will make the whole process that much easier (for everyone!).

Sleep, for example, is a huge factor. We know that when we’re unable to get a good rest, it is more difficult to learn a new skill. It’s during quality sleep that our little one’s brains are storing and processing all that new information. Learning how to use the toilet and understand the cues their bodies are telling them totally counts as a new skill. If you think your little one could use some help and support to get a better night’s sleep, any one of our Mama Coaches would be more than happy to help.

The consistency of your little one’s bowel movements is another very important sign of readiness. Their poop should be soft and mushy—easy to pass! Poop that is too loose can be difficult to control and poop that is too firm brings a whole host of complications—everything from pee accidents, increased night time pees, frequent urinary tract infections and issues with poop with-holding. It’s really important that the details of your little one’s bowel habits are reviewed and even possibly assessed by their primary health care provider. A lot of kids need to start a bowel routine prior to learning how to use the toilet, and this is okay! Resolving instances of constipation prior to attempting any method of toilet learning will just expedite and improve the overall process.

Another important factor to consider is how you are feeling about this milestone. Are you feeling the pressure of a timeline? Sometimes these external factors can change or alter the tone we have with our little ones. It is normal to feel frustrated and discouraged with a setback, but our babies are so intuitive—they will pick up on these feelings so quickly. We always use the 80/20 rule for encouragement and praise. Those encouraging phrases will help build internal drive to want to do something and reduces the risk of your little one feeling discouraged with any accidents. The ultimate goal is for our little one’s to feel empowered and in control of their toilet learning journey with you as their guide. 

So, while the appeal of having your little one out of diapers within three days sounds extremely appealing, it can be a lot of pressure for everyone. If your little one (or you) isn’t actually ready to learn how to use the washroom, you may be setting everyone up for disappointment. We want this to be an empowering experience! 

We have a bunch of support options for our Toilet Learning Programming! We have informative workshops as well as individualized custom plans depending on your preference and needs. Reach out to your local Mama Coach to inquire about services and events. You got this!

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