The Perfect Sleep Environment for Your Baby

Sleep. We all need it. Your whole world changes after having a baby and it can definitely be difficult to adjust to your new sleep schedule (or lack thereof!). So what can we do to make the most ideal sleep environment for our babies so they will sleep as well as possible?  Let’s dive in and discuss the ideal sleep environment for your baby!


This factor is actually extremely important because not only do we want our babies to be the perfect temperature, we want them to be safe while sleeping. If your sleep environment is too warm, this can be hazardous to our babies! As a general rule, set your room temperature to what is comfortable for an adult wearing light clothing. If unsure, setting the temperature slightly cooler is safer than too warm.


Newborns don’t yet regulate their own melatonin levels- the sleepy hormone that tells our bodies when it’s time to wind down for sleep. This develops later on. So in the meantime, we can help our babies to understand that it’s bedtime by placing them in a dark environment. Blackout curtains are great for blocking out light. When baby wakes up to feed, it is okay to turn on a soft lamp. Try to utilize a light with a soft yellow tone such as a rock salt lamp. Avoid the use of projectors and mobiles as these can be stimulating for baby.

Sound Machines

Sound machines are great tools to help your baby stay asleep and block out any surrounding noise. Use caution not to place a sound machine too close to your babies delicate ears and it is recommended to use of a volume of around 50 decibels. There are many free apps that can be downloaded to measure this. Additionally, you want to use a sound machine that won’t auto shut off. A continuous white noise is best- this way, your baby’s sleep won’t be interrupted with sound changes.

Keep Crib Accessories Simple

Make sure that your baby’s crib or bassinet is safe. This means limiting the amount of blankets and linens used. Ensure there is air flow going in and around your baby’s sleep environment. Bumper pads are not recommended. Make sure that the fitted sheet fits snugly to the mattress. As your baby moves around, you don’t want sheets bunching up or lifting around the mattress edges. Limiting perfumed soaps and detergent are also a good idea, as well as ensuring baby’s sleep environment is free from any odours like cigarette smoke. Keep extra toys and stuffies out! Use a firm mattress and avoid loose blankets. Place your baby on their back to sleep.


In creating the ideal sleep environment, we also want baby to be relaxed. Try to remain calm during the time leading up to bedtime, as babies can pick up on our tension and stress.  Ensuring bedtime is a positive experience for you and your baby will contribute to your baby’s ideal sleep environment! Dimming or turning down some lights leading up to bedtime, as well as a nice warm bath and/or baby massage may also help babies to learn that its time to wind down.


Lastly, fill up those bellies! This will help them to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Thus, creating the perfect sleep environment!!


Any questions? Please reach out to a Mama Coach near you. We’d love to help!

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