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The Perfect Name For Your Perfect Baby

First things first- a huge congrats! You are going to be a parent and that’s SO amazing. Your precious bundle of joy has already changed your life in more ways than you know.

There are so many considerations!! Doctors visits, remembering to take your prenatal vitamins, thinking about the nursery and what baby items you’ll need, where you’ll deliver and who will be in the room with you, the list goes on and on. You’ve embarked on your parenting journey and you may need to pinch yourself, because THIS IS REAL.

A huge source of stress for parents can be choosing their baby’s name. Sometimes parents don’t agree on the style of name they’d like, or perhaps there is outside input from friends or family causing you to second guess your choices. Or-maybe you don’t even have any on your list yet because you can’t nail down that perfect name. Here are a few things to consider that might help you along the path to choosing a name for your baby.

Must Haves

First on the agenda- discuss any “must haves”. This includes that name that’s been passed down from generation to generation. The one that HAS to be in there. If you have no “must haves,” then just move right along to the next step.

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Name Style

Next, discuss what style of names you and your partner like. Do you prefer traditional, classic, or trendy names? Once you’ve sorted out the style you like, it’s time to start a list. If you know the gender, you’ll need one. If you don’t, you’ll start two. Add names to the top of your list that you and your partner BOTH like. At the bottom, you can write in names that either one of you are in love with but can’t agree on. You don’t need to completely ditch that name you’ve always dreamed of since you were a little girl that your husband hates just yet. But write it at the bottom for now.

Narrow it Down

Now, look at your list and narrow it down to 4 for each gender. 4 names will give you some options but is not too many that you’ll be overwhelmed.

Before moving on, review the bottom of your original list. Remember that name that you just loved but your partner didn’t? Now that you’ve agreed on your top 4, how do you feel about it? Chances are you may be willing to ditch it for good now. If not, discuss with your partner why it’s important to you and ask them to reconsider. If you chose to add it to your top choices, remove another so that you are still left with your top 4.

Middle Names

Next, consider middle names. How would each of your top 4 names sound with a middle name? Additionally, how does each name sound with any siblings in the family? Say them out loud together. Write them down and see how they look on paper together. This process typically enables you to cut out one name leaving you with 3 remaining names


Other considerations may include spelling and name associations. Being unique is great but consider how people will pronounce your baby’s name if they see it on paper. Try not to worry too much if you knew an “Isabelle” growing up, even if you weren’t really a fan of that “Isabelle”. Your baby is a different person and will be the centre of your entire world. I promise you that when you say Isabelle you’ll think of your sweet baby and NOT that person from your childhood!! The exception to this is if you are naming your baby after someone- of course you will think of that amazing person time and time again! Think of how your baby will grow into the name! Will it still be how you envisioned it when your baby is an adult? This is a hard thing to think about, we all want them to stay babies forever!!

Photo credit: Arch & OAK Photography

Keep these special names between you and your partner. The last thing you need is Aunt Janice telling you she hates a name and then feeling like you need to go back to the drawing board! Or what if your friend just LOVES the name and decides to use it or a similar version of it? So for these reasons, steer clear from spilling the beans!! Keeping your baby names private also adds an extra element of surprise to the big day for all your excited friends and family!

If you save your top 3 choices for the birth of your baby, you’ll be set. When you see that beautiful newborn face, you and your partner can choose from your list of 3 without feeling too overwhelmed. There’s no reason you need to choose before your baby is born! It’s very common to want to see that perfect face for the first time and THEN put a name to it.

Lastly, be confident in the name that you choose for your baby. You put so much thought into that perfect name and it’s just that- PERFECT.

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