The Mama Coach Prenatal Class

Why take our prenatal class?

First of all, congratulations on your Pregnancy!  This is such an exciting time, but it can also be riddled with lots of questions and even some anxiety.  One way to ease your mind and fully understand the process is to take a prenatal class. 

Even though I teach prenatal classes and I am comfortable with the process, I thought it was important for my husband and I to attend a class together. I felt that it was imperative for him to understand the changes that both myself and the baby are going to experience. I wanted us to be a team as we went through this crazy adventure together. We both really enjoyed the class and my husband felt more comfortable with the process.  I also was able to see first-hand the anxiety and apprehension that some couples were struggling with. Professionally, it showed me the various areas that couples needed the most information and guidance with. Overall it was an educational experience for both of us.

What we can offer…

  • This class was designed by Carrie Bruno, a Labour and Delivery Nurse with many years of experience.  Carrie works with Family Practitioners, Obstetricians and Midwives. She supports their patients in different capacities but also recognizes the key information these patients should have access to.  By increasing your knowledge, it can decrease unnecessary complications and allow you to advocate for yourself. Carrie designed our prenatal class around teaching those expecting the essentials while also aiming to provide support for Mama’s to be until their baby is born.
  • Once you register for our class the support begins.  In pregnancy, questions are constantly arising. Instead of searching for answers yourself, email us.  The Mama Coach is a team of Registered Nurses across Canada and the USA. So, when a question arises, email us and we got your back.
  • The Mama Coach prenatal class will help you feel confident with the labour and birthing process.  We also educate you about the postpartum period, newborn care and feeding.
  • Yes, Mamas to Be, Jillian Harris took our class.  As you can imagine, she is a busy, successful woman. Since our class is compact but jammed with the essentials it is perfect for the busy family.
  • It Takes a Village! Our prenatal class allows you to start by building your support network before your baby arrives.  Building relationships can help make the adjustment into parenthood enjoyable and less stressful.  


There you have it, Mamas to-be.  Check our events page for our monthly prenatal classes and register today.  I look forward to meeting you.

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