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Total Support Package

Virtual or In-Home

Are you feeling stressed about delivery and bringing your baby home?  As Registered Nurses, we can help.  Your prenatal class will be customized to your pregnancy and plans for birth.  It is the most comfortable and easiest way to get all of the evidence-informed education that you need.   

Once your child arrives, we will help you establish a positive feeding routine; whether that’s breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or formula bottle feeding. 

We will continue to support you via phone and email.  Once your child is five weeks old, we will show you how to help them feed on demand and establish a developmentally appropriate sleep schedule.  Let us explain newborn sleep science and set you up for success on the journey to come.

This package includes:

  • One private prenatal session
  • Unlimited email support until your child arrives
  • Two postpartum visits; the first within a few days of bringing your newborn, the second at five weeks postpartum
  • Eight weeks of email and scheduled phone support (from the time your child is born)
  • Our extensive eBooks on labour & delivery as well as everything Newborn

Make your transition into parenthood so much easier with our support!

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