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Pumping, Bottle Feeding and Formula Workshop

Navigating the Complex World of Feeding Options for Your Infant

As parents, we plan for our birth and we understand that knowledge is power.  This applies to feeding ten-fold; the more you know, the easier feeding will be.  

There are many ways to feed your infant, and we want to teach you about all of them. It is normal for how you feed your baby to evolve and change over time, and this course will prepare you to make the best choice for your family.

In this live 60 minute webinar you will learn:

  • Responsive feeding techniques- how to teach your baby (breast or bottle-fed) how to feed when they are hungry, and will teach you how to follow their feeding cues.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding with supplementation (how to give a bottle and when)
  • Combination feeding (breast and bottle- whether it is breastmilk or formula)
  • Exclusive pumping
  • How to build a freezer stash of expressed breast milk
  • Tips on how to return to work
  • How and when to introduce a bottle
  • How to introduce a bottle when the baby will not take one
  • Formula- how to know what to choose and how much to give
  • Breast pumps- what equipment do you need
  • Milk storage- both breastmilk and formula

Also included:

  • The workshop includes an extensive ebook on everything discussed, plus the recording.

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