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Postpartum Support Package

Virtual or In-Person

As Registered Nurses, we want you to have consistent, quality support for both you and your new baby.  The global pandemic we just moved through has changed accessibility of services for some, and we want to ensure everyone feels supported.

During these one-hour sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions as well as address any concerns you may be having. 

We offer education on the following areas:

  • Feeding 

We will assess your child’s feeding:  breast and/or bottle; breastmilk and/or formula.  How it is going.  Would you benefit from a feeding plan?  Can we provide breastfeeding tips?  Are you planning on weaning breastfeeding in the near future?  Or maybe you need some additional information on breastfeeding?  Are you wondering about supplementation; how and when to offer it?  Have you been pumping?  Would you benefit from our bottle feeding tips?  Which formula should you choose, etc.? 

  • Weight gain

We will help you ensure your child is feeding adequately by bringing a scale for you to use, or by helping you use your home scale.  We will also help you measure and plot your child’s length and head circumference on the W.H.O. growth charts so you can track their progress.

  • Jaundice

We will assess your child, and provide education on effective feeding and elimination patterns, to ensure your child is meeting their milestones.  We will outline warning signs to watch for and when to access your healthcare provider or emergency response. 

  • Sleep

What is appropriate during the newborn period and how to achieve a smooth transition after the fourth trimester.

  • Development

What can you expect with your newborn.

  • Newborn care

Education on cord care, bathing, safe sleep, and swaddling.

  • Parental check-in

If your baby grew in your belly, we will discuss the delivery, healing and pain control. If you are breastfeeding and/or pumping, we will review engorgement. We will focus on you and your partner’s mental health by performing assessments, addressing areas of concern, providing education, and offering referrals for any additional help needed. 

These sessions use a secure, virtual platform — one, three, and five session packages are available.  We look forward to being your consistent resource.

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