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Hourly Nursing Support

Virtual or In-Person

At The Mama Coach, it’s our mission to ensure every parent feels cared for and supported immediately following the arrival of their newborn. Our team of Registered Nurses wants you to feel confident in taking care of your newborn, as well as yourselves, during the postpartum period.

We will come over and be your extra set of hands, as you transition to being at-home with your child.  We can also provide this service through our virtual portal.

How it works

This package is provided at an hourly rate in order that we can answer all of your questions during our time together.  We will also assist in getting breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding initiated, help you build a beautiful milk supply if breastfeeding, teach you how to bathe your baby, cut fingernails, educate about newborn rash, jaundice, cord care, newborn development, and so much more.

This package is perfect for families with a baby under 12 weeks old.

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