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More than Sleep: Two Week School Age Package

Virtual or In-Person

Are you struggling with your child’s behaviour or night time sleeping patterns?  We get it.  Emotional outbursts and learning struggles can often be attributed to a lack of sleep.  As parents, we aren’t the best version of ourselves when we are tired, and your growing child is no different.

At The Mama Coach, our philosophy on sleep for older children is that we find more success if we work with them, not against them.  Your child has a voice and deserves to be included in the process as much as possible.

We will empower your child to start sleeping independently and develop a positive outlook on sleep — no more bedtime fights or stalling. You will see them become better rested, and happier during the day time hours.  For our school age children, we offer a stabilizing two week package, which gives us time to build trusting relationships with your child.  School age children benefit from structure and consistency, and during our time together we will support this change process and help you repeat the message of sleep over and over. 

This program is truly life-changing for families who have been struggling with their child’s emotional behavior, learning, or sleep habits.

This package includes:

  • 60-90 minute assessment and consultation (virtual or in-person) where we will assess your child’s diet, development, circadian rhythm, and overall health.  This session also focuses on building a relationship with your child and laying the foundation for them to become engaged and empowered about the upcoming change.  We bring (or drop off) an assortment of supplies that will help your child build their own toolkit for when we begin.
  • We will support your family for two weeks as you implement healthy sleep habits.  The customized plan that we send you clearly outlines where we begin and our goal for the end.  That way you can understand where we are at, and follow along step by step as we take you through the plan.  Of course, we will be communicating with both you and your child via phone and email to ensure things are going well, and that sleep, learning, and emotional behavior are improving over time.

We want to leave your school aged child feeling positive about their newfound sleep habits.  We will discuss extensively with you how to maintain boundaries regarding sleep, managing developmental milestones, school schedules, screen time, and changes in sleep habits as your child continues to age.

We can’t wait to get started.

  • Bedtime Support – $200
    Add three hours of bedtime support. A Mama Coach will come and do bedtime with you and your child.
  • Siblings – $150
    Add another child to this package for one low rate.
  • Twins – Free
    Twins may be twice the work, but at The Mama Coach, they’re always the same price as one child.
  • Refresher Call – $49
    Offered exclusively to past clients, this refresher call is available for those who need a little extra support.
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