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More Than Sleep: Infant Assessment & Consultation

Virtual or In-Home

Are you completely exhausted, yet confident in your ability to independently implement a sleep plan for your child?

If you are looking for a package with two weeks of coaching support built into it, CLICK HERE.  However, if you aren’t interested in a coach to walk beside you and would like education and a customized sleep plan, look no further.


As Registered Nurses, we assess your child’s entire picture, not merely sleep.  During our consultation process, you can expect us to review:

  • Feeding
  • Development
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Parental style
  • Sleep environment
  • Medical concerns

These assessments ensure that your child is ready to learn the amazing skill of sleep, which will benefit them long after our time together ends.  For example, if there is an underlying feeding issue, we need to work on correcting that first.  Once your child is feeding optimally, it will make finding sleep so much easier for them and you.

Based on our assessment, during this 90-minute total session, we will build a solution for your family.  We will walk you through how to reach your sleep goal, and send you comprehensive notes after our time together as a guide.  

At the end of the session you will have the opportunity to purchase additional coaching support.

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