Reflux- how you tormented my babies!

All three of my Babies had Reflux

I felt very alone- all my friends had babies that were so easy. Dream Babies!! They fed them and laid them down in their crib. Not me- every time I did they would start swallowing, then cry, vomit and wake up.  I spent 30 minutes after EVERY feed holding them upright before putting them back into their crib. They were gassy, and cried a lot. I spend many nights sitting up holding my babies so they would sleep. There were some nights I would strap my babe in the carrier and sit up in bed propped up with pillows hoping to get an hour or two of sleep. I was determined to be an active mom so often I would carry my daughter in the Bjorn carrier for 8 hours some days just so she would sleep and so I would be able to still do things with my oldest daughter.  It was SO hard!!!

Sleep was a struggle

I struggled with getting them to sleep, and they would wake frequently only consuming small amounts. My daughter woke up every 2 hours for the first year of her life as she wasn’t able to take large volumes of formula. I started them on ranitidine after weeks of not sleeping and having to hold them most of the night. It helped but one thing you need to know about this medication is that it is weight dependent. When babe starts to gain weight, the medication must be adjusted or it does not work as effectively to relieve the symptoms.

I found sleeping my babies on their sides really helped. They absolutely hated being on their backs. I used to roll up blankets to prop them on their sides. I found using Ellie Ears worked great as it was a supportive pillow that I could use to keep them in the side lying position so if they did vomit then their airway was still clear. They would usually sleep in the swing or bouncy chair on their sides in an upright position during the day and some of the night too. I also elevated the head of the crib and used a reflux wedge pillow too which helped. It took me a long time to decide to try chiropractic care for relief of their reflux symptoms but I am so glad that I did as it helped them so much!

Baby lying on side with support from Ellie Ears

I was so exhausted!

When I had my third baby I got to the point around 3 months that I was so exhausted that I did not know what to do, I needed sleep and so did he. A friend had told me about the Mama Coach so I called her. I explained that he had reflux and was not sure if it was even possible to sleep train a reflux baby. Well was I wrong!!! He went from waking up every hour to only waking once to feed on the second night. I was absolutely stunned! He was falling asleep on his own, he slept for long stretches at a time both day and night and his feeds were so much more effective. He took more volume during his feed and was much less gassy. I was able to get him off his medication within a few months!

“I only got up once to feed him- I feel like a different person- human again!!! Thank you so much!!”

This was a text message I sent the Mama Coach after night 2 of starting the sleep program.

Getting a sleep coach changed my life!

I finally found sleep, he finally learned how to sleep and he was so much happier! Getting a sleep coach changed my life! It gave me my life back!! I was not running to bed as soon as I put the baby down in hopes to get a few hours in before my night started. I was no longer holding my baby all night and watching the sun come up or hearing my toddler wake at 5:30 knowing her day was just starting and mine was still continuing on from the day before.

Getting sleep changed my families life!!! I was so thrilled at my experience that I decided that I wanted to help other families who are struggling. It is possible to find sleep!
I can help you!

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