Prenatal Classes: Are they for me?

Having a baby is so exciting and with that comes sooooo many questions.  Booking your prenatal classes is something you should look into early on so that you can find the option that works best for you and your partner.  At the Mama Coach, we LOVE teaching parents and giving them the knowledge to feel confident about the birth and what to expect when bringing their beautiful baby home.  

The Mama Coach offers both private and group prenatal classes to ensure that families can have options to fit their needs.  A private prenatal class is our most popular option. This class is perfect for couples who are busy and unable to go every week for a birth class or feel nervous about the birth process.

Imagine sitting on your couch, with the ability to ask anything you want without feeling uncomfortable in front of a large group. This class is based on YOU. We teach you about YOUR pregnancy. It is booked to fit your schedule and is tailored to your learning needs.  We recommend booking the prenatal class between 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. You also receive texting support from the time of your class until you bring your baby home.  So, no more doctor google! You will get the support you need from a Registered Nurse. The private prenatal class is a one-time class that approximately 3 hours long and can often be covered under your health benefits.  FUN FACT: This is the same prenatal class that Jillian Harris took for her first pregnancy!

The session will be tailored to your specific learning needs but here are some examples of what will also be covered:

  • What to expect in the last few months of your pregnancy
  • Tests and procedures
  • Induction
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Pain management at home & at the hospital
  • Labour, delivery, and pushing techniques
  • Vaginal births & C sections
  • How can partners help
  • What to expect Postpartum
  • Baby bath demo
  • Bringing your baby home and healthy sleep habits.
  • Postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Feeding- Both breastfeeding and bottle

We talk about it all!!! It is a lot of information to get through but parents love it because it is such a personal experience that leaves you feeling confident.  We often have parents wanting more support when the baby is home and we always love to come back to help with feeding, sleep, and answering any questions that come up.  If you would like to inquire about a prenatal class in your area, please click here.

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