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Pregnancy Symptoms Before a Missed Period

Ever wonder how soon you can get pregnancy symptoms before you have a missed period? Every woman will experience various different pregnancy symptoms throughout their pregnancy and this is very common. For some women, they can experience pregnancy symptoms within days after conception or about a week-and-a-half before their period is supposed to arrive. Many women want to find out as soon as possible – unfortunately, without taking a pregnancy test you will not know for sure. Some symptoms could hint that you may be in your first weeks of pregnancy though! 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before a Missed Period: 

Sore or Sensitive Breasts: 

– Many women will experience sore or aching breasts early on in their pregnancy. They may feel tender to touch or heavier than normal. Rising progesterone levels are the result of this 


– Changes in your bodies hormones will cause you to feel tired – you may feel unusually tired early on in your pregnancy 


– This is a more common symptom around week 6 of your pregnancy, however; some women may start feeling queasy before then 

Cervical Mucus: 

– You may notice a change in your cervical mucus in the early weeks of your pregnancy. During your first trimester, you may secret a sticky, white, or pale yellow mucus. The increase in cervical mucus is caused by an increase in hormones and vaginal blood flow.

Implantation Bleeding:

– Around day 10-14 after conception you may notice a little spotting or bleeding.

Basal Body Temperature: 

– You usually take this temperature in the morning, right when you get up. This method usually works best when you have been tracking your BBT for awhile – if you see an increase in your temperature for 18 days following ovulation, this may be an early symptom of pregnancy.


– When your hormones change early in pregnancy your digestive system can slow, this can cause bloating.

Frequent Urination: 

– Some women may start feeling the urgency to pee more frequently early in pregnancy. This is because of the increased amount of blood being pumped throughout your body – this results in your kidneys processing more fluids than usual. 

Darkening Areolas: 

– This can be one of the first signs of pregnancy – you may see this as early as two weeks after conception.

Mood Swings: 

– The imbalance of hormones can cause many mood swings. One day you might be crying for no reason and the next you might feel extremely happy and upbeat 

If you suspect you are pregnant it is best to wait and take a home pregnancy test or contact your doctor. Some women may not experience any symptoms and some may experience them all – this is normal. Some pregnancy symptoms may mimic PMS symptoms – until you take a home pregnancy test you cannot know for sure if you are pregnant, unfortunately. I would recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after you have sex to take a pregnancy test – this is usually the earliest the test will direct levels of human chronic gonadotropin (hCG). If you take the test too early you may get a negative test, however; still, be pregnant. If this happens and you miss your period – you should wait and test the week after your missed period. There are other reasons you could miss your period – be sure to contact your doctor if you suspect any other issues. 

A missed period is definitely the most obvious sign of pregnancy, however; this usually is not the only early sign of pregnancy. This is a very exciting and anxious time – sometimes some of these early symptoms can be missed! Many apps are great ways to track your symptoms and periods when trying to conceive!

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