Podcasts for Pregnancy and Motherhood

Do you listen to Podcasts? Podcasts are audible episodes of content focused on a specific theme or topic. Podcasts are free and you can download them off iTunes, iheart, Spotify, Stitcher, etc! Podcasts are a great way for parents to learn information while in the car, taking a nap on the go, and just about anywhere! You just need your phone/tablet and earphones (not necessary)! There are literally 1000’s of parenting podcasts and you fill find topics on every aspect of parenting.

In September 2020 I decided to launch my own podcast “The Making Sense of Motherhood” Podcast where each episode tackles a different topic to help make motherhood easier for you. I chat about the 4-month sleep regression, hypo birthing, newborn sleep, and more. Go check it out here!!

My Favourite Podcasts:

  1. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled – Janet is like your personal parenting coach! She chats about every topic and helps you navigate them all gracefully. Her episodes have helped me so much with toddler challenges! Her most recent episode on March 25 titled “Our Expectations Can Make Us Feel Like Failures” really hit home for me, this is how I feel so often especially in the pandemic. Every topic from tantrums to helping a strong-willed child is one you can learn and grow from. 
  2. The Mom Room – Renee is a local to me Canadian mama who is hilarious and similarly is changing the narrative for moms. Her episodes are funny, educational, and relatable!  A recent episode with Jessi Cruickshanks left me in stitches thinking about my childhood crushes and boy bands in the ’90s! 
  3. The Mom Hour co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them … 8!!. One of my favorite episodes is “This is Solo Parenthood: Survival Tips for Solo Parenting Tough Moments” Solo parents are exhausting and tough and I have only done it for a weekend or week at the most. I have the most admiration and love for single parents who parent solo every single day. This episode gave me some good ideas and takeaways for the next time I’m solo. 
  4. The Shortest Longest Time – great human stories about kids, families, and parents. Hilary Frank shares parent stories we can also relate to. She started the podcast to build a community and support system after a birth injury left her bedridden for 6 weeks!  Hilary has been releasing episodes for the past five years!! 

I encourage you next time you are taking that afternoon nap on the go or on a drive with the windows down to listen to one of these podcasts! There is so much we can learn from each other! 

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