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Personalised Prenatal Classes – Tailored Specifically for You in the Comfort of Your Own Home

I am The Mama Coach™ and I love helping families get more sleep. But I am also a Registered Nurse in labour and delivery. I have been a nurse for almost eleven years and it just doesn’t get old. Bringing life into the world is indescribable. I love watching people transition into parents. I will admit, first time parents are my favourite patients to care for. The excitement and anticipation of what to come is intriguing and it’s amazing witnessing their world change forever as they meet their baby for the first time.


The birth process can be overwhelming. It is hard to know what to expect when you have never experienced birth before. I have seen birth many different ways. It isn’t my job to pick which way is best, it is my job as a Registered Nurse to support your plan while keeping you and your baby safe. I love this because women’s ideas and desires about birth (and about parenting actually) are so diverse. I have cared for women who delivered in the tub, the bed, squatting, standing, in the operating room and even in the elevator! As a nurse, it matters to me that women feel supported and truly cared for during their birth experience.

This is why I love teaching prenatal classes in women’s homes. It gives me the opportunity to develop relationships and truly understand what they value in their birth experience. From there it becomes easier to tailor prenatal education to their birth plan. This helps them know what to expect in each stage and also to be aware of the possibilities of what could happen, as labour isn’t always straightforward. I support the women I provide prenatal education to throughout their pregnancies, ensuring they feel supported and have their questions answered via email and texting without having to turn to Dr. Google.

I am also an IBCLC lactation consultant and love to help women be successful nursing their babies if they choose to do so. There are so many ways to help ensure success with nursing and it is invaluable to feel prepared prior to your baby’s birth. I offer breastfeeding education in my home classes and also often come back to your home when your baby is born, if needed, to help with any breastfeeding concerns.

Pregnancy, birth and parenting are all incredible experiences that bring along many questions and doubts. I can help ease those doubts and ensure your questions are answered. See my website for more details about my in home prenatal classes and contact me to schedule an appointment.


Carrie Bruno RN, IBCLC


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