Our Top Three Hacks to Keep Your Baby’s Room Organized

Let’s talk organization for your baby’s room! Here at The Mama Coach we understand the importance of organization and convenience.

Here are our top 3 tips to keep an organized nursery:

  1. Everything has a place. Have a spot for blankets, clothes, socks, diapers, you name it. Each item having a designated spot will make finding it easier the next time you need it. Remember to use your walls too. A book shelf on the wall at toddler height is a big room space saver. Or a coat hanger on the wall by the garage/front door. This allows for easy quick access that doesn’t take up space.
  2. Convenient location. Put your most commonly used items within reach. On your diaper changing table have wipes, diapers, diaper rash cream and a trash can all within reach of each other. While prepping your nursery or changing your baby’s room, think about having areas for play, reading, dressing, grooming, and sleeping. Creating a good sleep space separate from play benefits both activities. (Remember that you want your baby’s sleep space to be boring.) By having separate areas and items most commonly used together helps with time saving.
  3. Use an organized method. Having a toy chest or toy bins will help clear clutter. Loose pieces from games in their own bins will make finding and playing easier and more enjoyable. A puzzle rack is helpful so puzzle pieces aren’t mixed in at the bottom of the toy chest. Labeling bins for ease of knowing what you are grabbing to play with and where items go is beneficial as well; and adding a picture of the item to put on the front will help your toddler/preschooler know what things go in there.

Organization and convenience are the common themes. And the best part is that organization can evolve over time. It isn’t an all or nothing right now thing. Start simple in one area and keep expanding.

If you need assistance setting up your baby or child’s sleep space, reach out a mama coach in your area. We would love to help!!

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