Our Favourite Nipple Creams and How to Use Them!

If you are moving through your first month with a newborn I have NO doubt you have utilized some nipple creams and butter… Most women, especially with first time breastfeeding, will have sore nipples. Sore, or what I often refer to as chapped, are really common in the first few weeks. You have never done this and your body is trying to figure it all out. This is when nipple creams can come in handy. It’s almost like having chapped lips but on a different part of your body… that is even more sensitive due to all those hormones flowing!

If you have been bleeding, cracked or incredibly painful then there may be other challenges going on. Latch issues, lip ties or tongue ties are all reasons that you could end up with nipple trauma. These things can and should be assessed by a healthcare professional or Mama Coach in your community. Sometimes it just requires some light adjustments to your latch technique to reduce and stop the trauma!

With all that being said, nipple creams can be so beneficial for helping heal and reduce that chapped and sore feeling! When you are applying a cream it is best to just apply a small amount, just enough to cover and moisten the area and then you can either let it air dry or put on a nursing bra or pad to protest. Many mamas ask if they have to wipe it off before nursing and for the most part, this is not the case, the products you utilize should be of no concern for your baby to feed off of!

Some of the most helpful nipple creams:

Colostrum or Breastmilk – my NUMBER 1 suggestion will always be breastmilk or colostrum! This has all the healing powers, just hand express a little on your nipples and let it air dry! The properties in breastmilk help heal your tissue so quickly. What an amazing substance!

APNO Cream – This is a combination cream that requires a prescription from a physician. It can be SUPER helpful for healing the most cracked and damaged nipples- it contains an antibiotic, corticosteroid and antifungal agent to treat all the things and get you back on your game

Bamboobies Organic nipple balm – this is a great cream with a combination of organic EVOO, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow root, and calendula. I love it because it is not sticky or GREASY! Which I find a lot of them are. You can pair this with a Bamboobies washable nursing pad as well for amazing healing properties! Check them out here.

If all the creams, butter and ointments aren’t working and you are still feeling lots of pain or trauma please reach out to a Mama Coach in your community to assess your baby’s mouth and latch to avoid some permanent nipple damage. Pain is one of the number one reasons why mamas feel like they want to no longer breastfeed and helping families reach their feeding goals is what we do best!

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