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online newborn care courses

More Than Sleep Online Newborn Course


Per Person

Included in the course:

Antenatal Hand Expression Course + Supply Kit


Per Person

Included in the course:



“I could not breastfeed my first baby after trying & trying. The Antenatal hand expression course helped me be successful w/ my second! It was so much easier, I had so much more milk.”

Rehana S.

“I could not believe all of the content in the newborn course! I  purchased others trying to help my fussy baby, but this was the only one that addressed sleep science and feeding. So good.” 

Catherine S.

“I had no idea about newborn sleep- I thought my baby was gassy & through this course, learned so much about why she was acting the way she was- once I understood, sleep got so much easier!”

Kayla B.

“I had to hold my newborn 24/7 for her to sleep, and it was wearing on me. This course helped me get her sleeping in her bassinet, and then I could sleep too. THANK YOU!”

Brittany P.
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