This one is for the mamas who are bringing babies home this week!
Normally, we gather when babies are born. All hands on deck, helping new parents transition to life with a baby.

Covid-19 has made this so much different.

You’re home with your baby, and no one should be coming to visit. Which also equates to a lack of support.

At The Mama Coach, we will still show up for you to support. We are literally a click away here on IG, FB or through our site.

I want you to know it is really normal for your new baby to want to feed all night long in those first few days. They are wired to help bring your milk in! This doesn’t mean you don’t have enough for your baby.

It’s important your baby feeds every 3 hours during the first weeks- this will help decrease their risk of jaundice.

You will know your newborn is getting enough milk when she wakes for feeds and is having multiple wet and dirty diapers each day.

Do you have questions about your baby? Send them my way!

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