Nesting: Explained!

Mama, you have been so tired.  You’re not sleeping well through the night and are making multiple trips to the bathroom.  During the day, you wake up exhausted and could nap all day long.  Your body is hard at work growing that baby in that little belly of yours.  Then, all of the sudden out of nowhere you have a huge burst of energy.  You find yourself cleaning all the things, baseboards, behind the fridge, cleaning the stove, the fans, shampooing the carpet, doing all the laundry, organizing everything you can think of. You name it…you’ve got it cleaned and organized. Where in the world did all this energy come from?

Have you ever heard of nesting? Nesting is the overwhelming urge to get the house and all the things ready for when your baby is born.  It is strongest in the latter weeks of pregnancy.  It comes in bursts of energy here and there.  It’s an old wives’ tale, that when nesting takes place, the baby is soon to follow.  Although nesting is very common, not all women will experience this instinct to prepare for the birth of their baby.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, it could occur due to:

  • Boredom & Frustration of still being pregnant

  • Acknowledgment of the fact that your baby is going to take a lot of your time and energy, and you want everything to be as ready as possible for your bundle of joy comes earthside

  • Excitement and Anticipation of your baby being born

  • The desire to have everything perfect for when your baby arrives

Nesting looks different for every woman. You might find yourself cleaning the house. Or maybe you are organizing closets and drawers.  Could be that you are creative and find yourself doing all the art projects. You might even find yourself wanting to read all the mama books or take all the classes (Head over to for all your educational/support needs). Or maybe, you find yourself saying “I have not nested yet” or “I did not ever nest” and that is OK too.  Not every woman will have a strong urge to nest.

If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and have been nesting like a madwoman, here are some helpful tips to stay safe:

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.  Save that for someone else.

  • Stay off of ladders and don’t climb on things. Your center of gravity is off and you don’t want to fall

  • Avoid cleaning chemicals such as bleach or highly concentrated fumes.  It is imperative that you can breathe in good oxygen.

  • Do what you must, but don’t wear yourself out.

  • Make sure to take plenty of breaks

  • Ask for help if you need it… If you are like me, this is hard.  When I want something done, I want it done now.  Hah!! Good luck with that, Mama!!  Take care of yourself.

You are so close to meeting that baby of yours, Mama!  Please reach out to us! We would love to be apart of your motherhood journey.  Take care and HAPPY NESTING!!

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