More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach Episode 1: Toddler Sleep

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Keeping your toddler in their bed!

Welcome to our very first “More than Sleep” show! My mom may be the only one listening/watching but I know this information is important and we need to start somewhere.

I want you all to know this is a safe space- ask me anything and lets talk about all things motherhood.

You can find us Monday’s and Wednesdays at 930 am MST. Maybe the baby is sleeping? Tune in.. and tune in if he’s not and maybe we can help!

The show will be live on Facebook, and Instagram and you will find it on our Youtube channel and our Podcast so you can always listen later.

I want the show to be interactive- if you have a questions, reach out and let me know during the live and I will try to address it.

We are kicking it off with some points on how to keep your toddler in her bed! Toddlers are no joke and testing boundaries is a natural part of their development. With this can come bedtime issues… or middle of the night ones!

Here are a few key points from our chat today:

  • ROUTINE! Keep it consistent. Toddlers feel safe when they learn what to anticipate next. Don’t deviate from the routine and you will have a better sleeper!


  • IT’S A SLIPPERY SLOPE. One bedtime story can lead to two, which leads to four which leads to your sweet toddler in your bed all night! Ha. I laugh but I have been there. My own little boy slept beautifully, but turned three and all of a sudden wanted to sleep in our bed. When I reflect back on this it started with loosening up on our bedtime routine and letting him decide what came next.


  • Give choices where you can give choice. Toddlers need to feel included in the process. I talk about keeping the routine consistent but they will be way more agreeable if they feel like they have a voice within it. Do you want to wear the Spiderman jammies or Paw Patrol? Should we read our shark book or Goodnight Moon?


  • PRAISE! Talk all day long about how awesome your toddler is. They want to please and the more you pump her tires the more likely she will be to follow those bedtime instructions!


  • A cue that it is morning. A gro clock.. an alarm clock, whatever you choose! Read our article about early mornings here.


  • Don’t rush to move to a bed! Age three is a developmentally appropriate time for a transition to a big bed!

Have more questions? We are always here to help. Reach out here and set up a call with a Mama Coach- we are so much more than sleep.



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