More Than Sleep Show Episode 24: A Trick for Supplementing While Learning to Breastfeed

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

A trick to supplementing while learning to breastfeed

Today I really wanted to talk about supplementing while you’re learning how to breastfeed. I like to think that learning is the appropriate term here. Although babies are born knowing how to suck, it is still a relationship that needs to be built between the mama and the babe. And it takes some figuring out! Learning how to breastfeed can resemble somewhat of a roller coaster- you can have one really good feed, and the next it can go completely the opposite way, and you may feel like you’re back to square one. 

Be patient with yourself and your baby and try to take it feed by feed. If you’re already thinking of the next feed while you’re still on your first one, it can become stressful very quickly. 

This week I had the pleasure of working with 2 mamas who were struggling with breastfeeding. They were working on building their milk supply, but the babies were not latching at the breast! Tune in to learn the trick we found helped their babies latch! 

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As always, we’re here to help! If you are struggling with any aspect of breastfeeding or even sleep with your little one, reach out to a Mama Coach in your area. You got this mama! 


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