More Than Sleep Show Episode 22: Should My Baby Be on a Feeding Schedule?

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Should My Baby Be on a Feeding Schedule?

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This topic has been trending all over the internet recently- Should your baby be on a feeding schedule? 

So many mamas ask me how often they should be feeding the baby, and to be honest the answer is you need to ask your baby! They are in charge of how often they eat! So Today I wanted to take the time to talk exclusively about babies that are not taking solids yet- from 0-6 months old. 

Don’t put your baby on a schedule- Instead, try looking for feeding cues like putting fists to mouth, and rooting. Crying is the last sign of hunger, so try to feed your baby when you first wake them and then follow your baby’s lead as to when to feed them next. 

Many mamas follow the Eat Play Sleep method and it works beautifully for many babies. However, if you find that your babe is having shorter naps it could be because they’re hungry. Their stomachs are about the size of an egg at a few months old and they may need to feed more frequently during the couple hours they are awake to ensure longer naps. 

If you would like more information on this topic you can find it in the articles below, or reach out to your local Mama Coach we’re here to help. 

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