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More Than Sleep Show Episode 18: Sleepy Signs in Your Newborn

Welcome to More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach!

This is a no judgement zone where we cover all things motherhood.

From Pregnancy to breastfeeding, sleep and everything in between- we’re here for support!

Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Sleepy Signs in Your Newborn

Welcome to our  “More than Sleep” show!

I want you all to know this is a safe space- ask me anything and lets talk about all things motherhood.

You can find us Monday’s and Wednesdays at 9:30 am MST. Maybe the baby is sleeping? Tune in.. and tune in if he’s not and maybe we can help!

Babies can’t tell us when they’re tired- instead, they show us! 

Look for your baby’s sleepy cues like yawing, red eyes, becoming unable to play, or little interest in surroundings. 

Crying is the last sleepy cue which means they are becoming overtired. We want to catch them in their awake window before this happens!

You can find more information on this topic in the two articles below. You got this mama! 

How Do I Know My Baby is Ready for Bed? 
What Does an Overtired Baby Look Like and Does it Really Impact Sleep? 



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