More than Sleep Episode 5: Crying and sleep

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Crying and Sleep

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No one wants to hear their sweet baby cry. I get it. My boys are 10 and 7 and I still struggle with it. The tough part about sleep and crying is that crying are usually your babies only words and when you are teaching them a new skill, like sleep, you will usually hear some tears.

There are so many methods on how to teach your little one sleep skills and I am not going to tell you one method is better than the other. How you parent and what is important to you will help you guide how you decide to teach your bub to sleep.

But.. it doesn’t have to be horrible! There are so many ways to decrease the tears! You need to understand your child’s circadian rhythm. If you have their sleep science wrong, cue the crying!

For example, babes need 12-13 hours of awake time. If your baby wakes at 8 pm and you try for bedtime at 7 pm.. she will cry. Hard. Because she didn’t have enough day time.

If your baby loves to fall into a peaceful slumber during feeding and you gently wake her while putting her in her crib, she will cry… hard. Think of that little snooze on the breast or bottle as a power nap and when you put her in her crib she will be confused as she won’t feel as tired as she should. That little sleep provides short term rejuvenation and makes the crying so much worse.

Maybe your timing is wrong. Sometimes we don’t have the timing right. Sleep pressure is what builds as we get more and more tired. Sometimes babies appear more tired than they actually are and we put them down too early.. sometimes it is the opposite. TIMING is so important!

Do you need help with your baby’s timing? Reach out and let us help!


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