More than sleep Episode 4: Travelling with your little ones

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Travel Tips

Welcome to our  “More than Sleep” show!

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  1. Shower! LOL, we know this sounds crazy, but before you embark on a trip with your littles trust us when we say, it is worth it to get up early to take a shower. You will thank yourself when you arrive where you are going. Travelling with littles is no joke and moms quickly become the pack mule.. carrying all the things, including the baby, the stroller, the bag, the snacks, the list goes on.
  2. Hang on to bedtime. The bathroom can be the perfect spot for a playpen if you have a baby who if he sees you won’t sleep. Its dark and out of the main sleep space. It is worth the trip to the lobby to use the washroom. If you can bedtime as close to normal as possible, it will help your little one’s night.
  3. AVOID NAP JAIL! You need to enjoy your vacation and stressing about naps will not help. Nap on the go in a carrier or a stroller. Bring a portable sound machine and a breathable blanket and nap on the go. They will be shorter and more frequent, and that is okay! Roll with it and just let bedtime be a little earlier!

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