More than Sleep Episode 3: Your Birth Story

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Your Birth Story

Welcome to our  “More than Sleep” show!

I want you all to know this is a safe space- ask me anything and lets talk about all things motherhood.

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I want the show to be interactive- if you have a questions, reach out and let me know during the live and I will try to address it.

Today we are chatting about Newborns and their circadian rhythm! I know it feels like they have their days and nights mixed up and to be honest… they do!


Here are a few key points from our chat today:

First off… your birth story matters… it is not a fair statement that you should just be okay because you have a healthy baby. Birthing a baby is a huge deal and however you feel about it should be validated.

It is important to share your story, however you feel about it, talk about it with someone. How does that make you feel? There are many health professionals out there who have practices devoted to helping women get through this! Check out Chelsea from Village Therapy, she does online sessions with moms for all kinds of reasons!

What if you haven’t had your baby yet.. I am going to share some tips on how to prepare for your birth

1.Knowledge is power! It is impossible to predict how birth is going to go and that can feel scary and over whelming! Take our prenatal class, we have group sessions or you can stay in your jammies and we will come to you. Find out more here.


2. Prepare your body. Move your body in pregnancy! We don’t mean take up a new form of intense exercise if you haven’t done it before, you need to check with your Dr. about physical exercise and pregnancy. But we do know prenatal yoga or swimming can feel so good on a sore back! Feeling good physically will make birth easier.


3. Prepare your mind. Surround yourself with positive birth stories. They are out there! Talk to your girlfriends, read books, ask questions. But don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole of negativity. You can do this!


4. Communicate. Wherever you are having your baby, build a birth plan to share with your care provider. And don’t just print something off the internet! Think about what really matters in your birth, and what are your fears. Then share those! We promise your health care provider truly cares and wants you to have a beautiful birth. Sharing how feel and what your expectations are will set you up to feel good about your birth!


Questions? We are always here to help!



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